Our comprehensive inspections will help you understand the home's condition, potentially saving you costly repairs in the future.



An additional 4.166% General Excise Tax is added to all service fees


Starting at $150 for Condotels

  • $325 for 0-1 Bedroom

  • $350 for 2 Bedroom

  • $375 for 3 Bedroom

  • $50 Garage

  • Condos over 2,000 square feet call for quote


Single Family Homes

Starting as $425 for houses up to 1,000 square feet under one roof

  • $475 for houses between 1,001-1,500 square feet

  • $550 for houses between 1,501-2,000 square feet

  • $625 for houses between 2,001-2,500

  • Request quote for houses greater then 2,500 square feet

  • Request quote for multifamily units

  • $35 Charge for residences on post and pier foundation

  • $50 Garage (2 bay)

  • Additional quote for sheds/detached studios/gazebos



Walk Through

$99 (additional fee may apply if a large number of repairs are to be verified)


Pool and Spa



$125-Pool and Spa


*Solar Hot Water




Starting at $50


*Questions about the average or maximum output of a system, energy efficiency of the system, or the potential money savings of a system is beyond the scope of an inspection and should be referred to the company that installed the system.